Dahua Digital Video Recorder

Dahua Digital Video recorder

is combined with Analog cameras that convert the Analog signs to computerized signs to store and deal with the video. Dahua Digital Video Recorder is an ideal decision for the associations who have still he Analog Surveillance frameworks. It permits the clients to oversee recordings remotely.

The features of Dahua

  • Dual stream encoding
  • Multiple network monitoring
  • Real time live view
  • Preview and recording
  • Auto IP Address acquisition
  • Support to Multi-brand cameras

Security Systems

We offer the most up-to-date and cost effective cameras and accessories to provide you with the most comprehensive security solution.To support the most sound investment decision for the security of your business or home, Technoxen offers a great variety of cameras. Dahua Sharjah – Technoxen deal with all types of Dahua Analog HD (AHD) and IP cameras. Dahua Advanced security technology safeguards millions of premises across the world. Dahua CCTV helps to protect lives and property effectively and reduce operating expenses significantly. Dahua Security platform which offers a broader scale of security and a better watching of the key areas. With video analytics technology, the Dahua security solution enables easy detection of criminal behavior that reduces the risk of wrongdoings across your premises. Dahua CCTV is well suited for home, offices, factories, ATM, Traffic control, and warehouses. As a Dahua Distributor in Dubai and Sharjah, UAE, we offer complete support for our customers and partners.
It’s a great challenge to implement proper security with the precise systems to get the desired results. Being a trusted Dahua CCTV supplier in Dubai and Sharjah, we know well what type of security cameras are best for your surveillance needs. Our Dahua CCTV solutions guarantee you solid surveillance. From consulting to planning and designing to installation, we are the best to deliver a class of solutions to the industries of all sizes. We deal includes the IP cameras, Analog Cameras, NVR and DVR.