Heimdal Security Distributor Dubai

Heimdal Security in dubai combined ease of use with reliable protection to make data safety effortless for anyone. Heimdal Security started with developing security add-ons for antivirus software. With the widespread success of its add-ons, Heimdal Security decided to upgrade its services to combat the rising incidence of cybercrimes by launching its Thor series.Proactive and multi-layered security for your business to prevent next-gen malware, ransomware and other enterprise threats.


A traditional antivirus only has a layer of security but Heimdal Security stepped up its game by offering an antivirus and a traffic monitoring application in one package. Heimdal Security has four major products namely Heimdal Thor Free, Heimdal Thor Vigilance, Heimdal Thor Foresight, and Heimdal Thor Premium.
Heimdall Security has two classes for all products excluding Thor Free – Home (for individuals) and Enterprise (for organizations). Let’s take a brief look at what these products offer.
Listed below are a few benefits .

  • Security from all forms of cyber attack: Heimdal Software suite protects you from all sorts of malware hidden in e-mails, instant messages online ads and malicious links. It also provides different layers of security between your computer and infected content.
  • Automatic patching of third-party apps:Heimdal software takes care of automatically updating your outdated and vulnerable third-party applications. It checks for new updates every two hours. Heimdal Security also patches vulnerabilities in your operating system.
  • Ease of Use:Heimdal Software suite is very easy to use as a beginner. It also doesn’t require any tech knowledge to install. Its user interface is very rich and user-centric.
  • Optimal Performance:Heimdal Software uses very little memory while running scans in the background. It doesn’t eat into your RAM as it scans files, allowing your computer to run smoothly. This is good because you can do other things with your computer while Heimdal Security is running.
  • Multiple Computers:Heimdal Security allows you to use a single subscription across multiple computers, depending on the number you pay for while subscribing.

Ransomware Protection + Antivirus

Block cyber threats before they compromise your system.Through its traffic filtering capability, Heimdal stops ransomware attacks at all stages: before, during and after the attack.It’s 100% compatible with any antivirus/antimalware program (Heimdal scans your Internet traffic, not your files or applications’ code).

Exploit Kits – Heimdal Security Distributor Dubai

Heimdal combines automatic software updates with powerful Traffic Scanning for effective security against exploits kits. Cyber criminals use the security holes in your outdated applications in 85% of their attacks. They manipulate these glitches in your protection to take control over your computer and infect it with malware. Their tools of trade: exploit kits – highly effective and able to evade antivirus detection.

Financial Malware

Protect your financial data and resources from cyber criminal intrusion.Using its unique intelligence, Heimdal blocks malicious connections that try to harvest and steal your confidential financial information.

E-mail Security – Heimdal Security Distributor Dubai

Detect malware, stop spam, malicious URLs and phishing with a simple integration and a highly customizable control.Lightweight, easy to deploy and highly responsive, our MailSentry Email Security anti-malware and anti-spam filter can be scaled to any number of endpoints within your organization.Its MX record-based analysis vectors keep all malicious emails out of your inbox, automatically removing malware-laced attachments, filtering emails coming from malicious IPs or domains, or those containing malicious URLs.

MailSentry Fraud Prevention

MailSentry Fraud Prevention is flawlessly paired with threat detection solutions in order to monitor your communications for false claims and malicious emails.Checking for insider threat and fake transfer requests, while also securing your entire communications system against.