Servers & Storage

Dramatically maximize your enterprise environment by leveraging your existing infrastructure and adapting to your growing data server and storage needs. Don’t let server sprawl and platform dependencies mar your business goals.

Make the storage and management of ever-increasing data over weeks, months and years easier than ever before. Address issues of compliance, accessibility, standards, regulations and 24×7 availability with our centralized storage management solution. Simple to deploy, easy to manage and affordable, our team of experts and certified pre-sales server and storage specialists understand your information requirements and deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate into your IT infrastructure.

Network-attached storage. Network-attached storage (NAS) provides fast, simple, reliable access to data in an IP networking environment. NAS solutions are suitable for small and mid-sized businesses needing large amounts of economical storage that multiple users can share over a network. And given that many small businesses lack IT departments, NAS solutions are easy to deploy, centrally manage and consolidate.

A NAS solution may include multiple hard drives in a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) level 1 array. In plain English, a RAID level 1 storage system includes two or more equivalent hard drives (such as two 1 TB drives) in one network-connected device. Files written to the main drive are automatically written to the second drive as well. This automated redundancy means that if the first hard drive dies, you’ll still have access to all your applications and files on the second drive.